Lighting Design

Light is a very important tool in a modern shop and have a direct impact on sales. When it comes to lighting design, it is important to consider what it is you want to highlight. In grocery stores for example, a wrong type of light can make the food look old and unappetizing, while proper lighting brings out the colors in a fresh way.

Each store has specific offers they want to highlight. The lighting of these sites are of particular importance, and it may in some cases be suitable to change the light from one point to another.

To get customers to all parts of the store, it is very important to also focus on the products at the back of the room. Immediately upon entering the store, the back wall has to be well lit and look inviting in order to encourage visitors to go farther into the store. When it comes to product shelves, it is important that the light is spreading all across the shelf. With good light planning, dark areas can be avoided.

Prolight holds a solid knowledge in all these fields and in addition to lighting products, Prolight also offers lighting calculations, lighting plans, and developing of new lighting concepts using the software Autocad.

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